Sunday, 19 September 2010

Is the Bank of England being disingenuous?

In the UK CPI has been considerably higher than the allowed 2 pct. In fact its over 3 pct at the moment with RPI close to 5 pct.And yet time and time again, Mervyn King has suggested that due to the weak recovery, inflation will fall below target and there is no need for interest rate hikes.It is probably correct to keep rates at 0.5 pct but its not necessarily true that CPI will fall below 2 pct. Simply put, The Bank doesn't care about inflation any more. QE2 in USA, B of J Yen intervention, and the Bank not being tough are all strong clues that the world is changing from Central Bank Inflation targeting.Maybe they will start targeting property prices if the real estate market starts a bear trend again. The one thing the Central Bank can't say is that it doesn't care about inflation.Don't sell your Gold.You might need it one day

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