Thursday, 17 November 2011


For several years this blog has warned of inadequate policy formation, the necessity of owning gold as a hedge against financial default and the length of the crisis. This is a last warning.
Governments wont pay. Bonds will default and pensions will be decimated.
By 2020 Health Care services will be a fraction of what they are now.
Owning Gold is an insurance. Do not regard it as an investment.
Civil unrest will be become more violent.
Democracy will be undermined.

There is a sound principle that doctors are not allowed to cure themselves. The equivalent should be true today with politicians. Politicians are the root of the crisis (although they have ably helped by bankers) and yet they are charged with curing the crisis. A cure will not be found


  1. If your scenario materialises, what are the chances that gold becomes confiscated?